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In ministry begun by Jesus Christ and inspired by the vision of Blessed Edmund Rice, a Christian Brother education…


Since opening in 1955, Bergen Catholic High School has been an exceptional educational ministry of the Congregation of Christian Brothers within the Archdiocese of Newark. We proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, as brought to us through the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, through the charism of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, and through the embodiment of the Essential Elements of a Christian Brother Education. As a college preparatory community of women and men, Bergen Catholic serves young men in grades 9-12 of various ethnic and socio-economic groups from Bergen County and its vicinity. Students are invited to understand and make their own a gospel vision that holds the person of Jesus as model and mentor for what it means to grow as a human being. Students are taught to hold the religious, academic, and social dimensions of life in balance, to develop a respect for their gifts and those of others, to understand differences in ideas among people, to use freedom in a responsible way, and to contribute to the creation of an environment in which all members of the community are welcomed and embraced.

Essential Elements of a Christian Brother Education

List of 7 items.

  • Evangelizes youth within the mission of the Church.

    • A Christian Brother education proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ.
    • The Gospel message of Jesus permeates the curriculum, the activities, and all other aspects of a Christian Brother education.
  • Proclaims and witnesses to its Catholic identity.

    • A Christian Brother education gives priority to religious formation through formal religious instruction and through opportunities for faith development and service by means of liturgies, retreats, vocation awareness, daily prayer, and other programs.
    • A Christian Brother education joins in the sacramental life of the Church, witnesses faith life through the prominent use of signs and symbols, fosters devotion to Mary, and is in union with the Church through commitment to service and formation of community.
    • Catholic identity permeates all endeavors of Christian Brother education: All classes and activities, procedures and policies, services and programs.
    • All staff involved in Christian Brother education give daily witness to their integral role in the community's faith formation.
  • Stands in solidarity with those marginalized by poverty and injustice.

    • The policies, the structures, and the climate of a Christian Brother education witness and promote concern for the disadvantaged.
    • A Christian Brother education includes advocacy and education for peace and justice, care for the earth, and global awareness. It prepares students to work toward the creation of a just society.
    • A Christian Brother education actively encourages ministries that work with and for the poor and marginalized.
    • Education and support for mission areas at home and abroad characterize Christian Brother education.
    • A Christian Brother education establishes tuition and scholarship policies that open its education to the poor.
  • Fosters and invigorates a community of faith.

    • Christian Brother education witnesses and celebrates Gospel values.
    • A Christian Brother education provides a disciplined, safe atmosphere in which students are free to grow and take responsibility for their own learning and for the life of the community.
    • Caring, compassionate relationships characterize a Christian Brother educational community.
  • Celebrates the value and dignity of each person and nurtures the development of the whole person.

    • A Christian Brother education values the diversity of the human family and seeks to reflect local diversity in its student population and professional staff.
    • Strong programs of personal, professional, and pastoral care are integral to a Christian Brother education.
    • A Christian Brother education embraces human fragility and welcomes God's healing.
    • Christian Brother education values co-curricular activities, special events, and other programs that are important to students' complete education.
    • A Christian Brother education strives to provide just remuneration for its staff.
  • Calls for collaboration and shared responsibility in its mission.

    • Christian Brother education empowers all members of the community to share responsibility in the shaping of its mission.
    • A Christian Brother education collaborates with parents, the primary educators.
    • A Christian Brother education fosters collaboration with other Christian Brother ministries on local, regional, and international levels to address common concerns and to celebrate a common heritage.
    • A Christian Brother education encourages a deeper understanding and understanding and living of the charism of Blessed Edmund.
    • A Christian Brother education promotes active participation in governance by boards and diocesan officials.
  • Pursues excellence in all its endeavors.

    • Strong academic curriculum, high expectations, and a quest for excellence characterize a Christian Brother education.
    • A Christian Brother education develops a curriculum that promotes the harmonious growth of the whole person, fosters the development of higher-order thinking, and prepares its students for life-long learning.


List of 3 items.

  • Parents are Encouraged to Work as Partners In Education By:

    1. Giving the school their trust and cooperation
    2. Subscribing to the school’s philosophy
    3. Ensuring that their child respects, obeys, and cooperates with the teachers
    4. Supporting the varied activities of school life
    5. Contacting the teacher, counselor, and administrators in regards to deficiencies in academic performance or behavior
  • Teachers are Encouraged Towards:

      1. Implementing and embodying the philosophy in their professional relationships with the students, each other, and with all members of the school community
      2. Participating in the varied aspects of school life: religious, academic, social, cultural
      3. Placing their professional expertise at the service of the students
      4. Cooperating with other educational agencies in developing, implementing and evaluating curricula which respond to the needs of the students
      5. Encouraging parents to show interest in their son’s education and activities
  • The School is Committed to:

    1. Respecting the dignity of the students with differing backgrounds, traditions and beliefs; valuing the potential of each person
    2. Enabling the student to develop a healthy self-image and to form positive relationships with others
    3. Promoting the student’s appreciation of his cultural heritage
    4. Preparing the students through academic training for higher education and their vocational roles in life
    5. Developing critical thinking skills
    6. Providing opportunities for students to experience God in the wonder of creation through worship and service to others
    7. Developing a critical sense in the students to promote the value and dignity of human life and to challenge those forces that threaten life
    8. Providing a disciplined atmosphere in which the students are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own education and for the life of the school
Bergen Catholic High School is a private, four year (9-12) college preparatory school that delivers a traditional, value-centered Catholic education in a 21st Century learning environment and utilizes technology the better to prepare students to lead in life and service to others. Bergen Catholic educates the whole person - mind, body and spirit - by deepening religious faith, developing academic excellence, and strengthening social consciousness and responsibility in young men.

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