The flagships of achievement are areas we believe are critical to successfully compete and lead in an increasingly connected world.
At present we are committed to three FLAGSHIPS OF ACHIEVEMENT:
  • Technology
  • Leadership
  • Internationalism


Today’s students will be connected to the world and asked to lead in a global manner like no generation before.  Bergen Catholic is a leader in infusing technology into the classroom and using technology to go beyond the bricks and mortar of the school building.  Our one-to-one laptop program provides students with experiential knowledge that combines learning modalities with teacher coaching to develop students who become life-long learners and global citizens.


The Bergen Catholic Mission Statement says we develop leaders. Three years ago the school, using the insights of the students, developed a sequential program in leadership formation. The program is called S.H.I.E.L.D.: Students Helping Inspire Everyone’s Leadership Development. S.H.I.E.L.D. is student developed and student run. There is no substitute for experiencing what is required to be a leader first hand.


Service to others is a priority at Bergen Catholic and we provide a variety of opportunities to help students develop a global perspective on what it means to be human and serve others.  Bergen students are being prepared to lead in service to others because they are aware that they are the other and the other is them. Student trips to Peru, China and Argentina; Administrator trips to Seoul and China for educational development; the annual Culture Around the World Day and Festival all provide unique experiences and insight and expand the understanding of various cultures. With approximately 7% of the student body hailing from different countries and cultures, students get the ‘global experience’ on a daily basis.

Bergen Catholic is the school of choice for students and parents who desire a traditional, value-centered, Catholic education in a 21st century learning environment that uses technology to prepare students to lead in life and in service to others.
Bergen Catholic is a place where "good enough is never good enough." Our flagships of achievement are evidence of our commitment to deliver programs and experiences that exceed expectations of what high school life can offer. This type of outside-the-box thinking is what has made Bergen Catholic the school of choice for many in the greater New York area.
Bergen Catholic High School is a private, four year (9-12) college preparatory school that delivers a traditional, value-centered Catholic education in a 21st Century learning environment and utilizes technology the better to prepare students to lead in life and service to others. Bergen Catholic educates the whole person - mind, body and spirit - by deepening religious faith, developing academic excellence, and strengthening social consciousness and responsibility in young men.

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