Mr. Bill Armstrong
Office of Advancement

Mrs. Andrea Barone  
World Languages Department Chair 
Dr. Judith Bayona
World Language Teacher 
Mr. David Bell
Social Studies Teacher
Head Varsity Wrestling Coach
Mr. Nedko Bucev
Art Teacher
Mr. Vito Campanile
Social Studies Teacher
Head Varsity Football Coach

Mrs. Margaret Casper
Science Teacher
Mr. Peter Coleman
Assistant Principal for Discipline
Varsity Golf Coach
Ms. Janet Conley
English Department Chair 
Mrs. Marianna Cornelison
English Teacher
Ms. Cathy Corrado
Mr. Eric Crawford
Guidance Counselor

Mr. Richard Cruz
Dr. Lily Di Maggio
Director of the Office of International Students
Spanish Teacher
Mr. Joseph Dionisio
Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Zhangguyi Dong
Mandarin Teacher
Mr. Charles Dougherty
Director of the Chamber Ensemble
Dr. Dom Esker
Science Department Chair 
Mrs. Brenda Esposito
Executive Assistant to the President
Mr. Rickey Ferriola
Mr. Larry Fierro
Mr. Jeff Fox
Mock Trial Coordinator 
Mr. Peter Furlan
Director of the Jazz Ensemble
Mr. Anthony Gallagher
Religion teacher 

Mr. Stephen Gonzalez
Math Teacher
Mr. Joe Haemmerle
Associate Director of Athletics and Religion Teacher 
Mr. Hyden Henry
Science Teacher

Scott Hirschmugl
Director of Operations & Finance
English Teacher

Mr. Tony Karcich
Office of Advancement
Mr. Daniel Kurpick
Director of Facilities
Mrs. Kathleen LaBarbiera
Head Nurse
Mr. William Leonard
Director of Outreach

Mrs. Mary Ellen Love
Religion Teacher

Dr. Brian S. Mahoney
Mrs. Tara Maka
Director of Guidance and Student Success Center 
Mr. Jorge Mascaró III
Art & Computer Science Department Chair 
Mrs. Catherine McConville
Accounts Receivable
Mr. Timothy J. McElhinney
Mr. Brendan McGovern
Associate Director of Athletics
Mr. Thomas McLaughlin
Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Diane Merrick
Religion Teacher

Fr. Sam Monaco

Mr. Alex Muggeo
Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Andrew Murphy
Science Teacher
Ms. Stephanie Nemeth
English Teacher
Mrs. Whitney Niles
Guidance Counselor
Mr. Matthew O’Connor
Latin Teacher
Mr. Uriel Orjuela
Mrs. Rosemary Ortiz-Whiteside
Spanish Teacher
Mr. Jordan Patton
Special Projects Coordinator and Information Technology Services
Mr. Luis Pena
Mrs. Barbara Peraino
Director of the Men’s Vocal Ensemble
Mr. Joshua Powers
Religion Department Chair 
Br. Leonard A. Quinn
Guidance Department 
Ms. Marge Quinn
Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events
Mrs. Regina Radoslovich
Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations
Mr. Matthew Rosa
Director of Admissions
Mr. Michael Rucereto
Director of Activities 
Mrs. Annamaria Sainclivier
English Teacher
Mr. Dominic Santoli
Physical Education Teacher
Director of Transportation
Mr. Richard Saunders
Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Amy Sees
Main Office Assistant

Ms. Catherine Smallman
Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Christine Sorrentino
Religion Teacher
Mr. Albert Spiegel
Director of Technology 
Mr. Frederick Stengel
Physical Education Teacher
Mr. John Tedeschi
Social Studies Department Chair 
Mr. Gregory Toal
Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Diane Trunfio
Science Teacher
Mrs. Celeste Tumino
Mrs. Mary Van Olden
Accounts Payable
Mr. Robert Vizard
Math Teacher
Mrs. Elisabeth Walter
Director of College Counseling
Mr. Jeremy Winter
Student Success Center

Ms. Tiffany Witko
Student Success Teacher
Mr. Leonid Yuz
Math Teacher
Mr. Gerard Morano
Bergen Catholic High School is a private, four year (9-12) college preparatory school that delivers a traditional, value-centered Catholic education in a 21st Century learning environment and utilizes technology the better to prepare students to lead in life and service to others. Bergen Catholic educates the whole person - mind, body and spirit - by deepening religious faith, developing academic excellence, and strengthening social consciousness and responsibility in young men.

Bergen Catholic

High School

Founded and staffed by the
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers
1040 Oradell Avenue
Oradell, NJ 07649
Tel: 201.261.1844

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