Bergen Catholic Academic Curriculum

The goal of the program of studies is to educate the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. The college preparatory curriculum is designed to prepare the young man for future academic pursuits in a way that will promote self-confidence, individual responsibility, and moral integrity.

The first three years of study include a thorough and rigorous experience in both the liberal arts and sciences. These courses include English, world languages, chemistry, biology, and physics, mathematics, and social studies. Advanced Placement Courses are available to underclassmen in a variety of disciplines. Religious studies is introduced to the student over the four year period and provides an avenue for the young student to seek and understand his faith through classroom studies, liturgies and day to day interaction with faculty and other students. Physical education each year adds to the complete development of the whole man. A health course is a requirement for sophomores.

Senior year allows for a continuation at an advanced level in all the disciplines and introduces a variety of elective courses. Advanced Placement courses are available in Spanish, English, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and United States history.

hose students who excel in their studies are recognized by inclusion on the Principal's List with a grade point average (GPA) of 95 or higher and no individual class average below 83. First Honor Roll recognizes students with a GPA of 90 or higher and no individual class average below 80. Second Honor Roll recognizes students with a GPA of at least 85 and no individual class average below 75. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who rank in the top ten of their class at the end of the academic year are awarded partial academic scholarships for the following school year.

To keep parents informed on the progress of their son, parents may check Blackboard which teachers update weekly. Interim grade reports are sent home halfway through a marking period whenever a student's progress is in question. In addition, report cards are sent home four times a year and include mid-year and final exam grades. Parent/teacher conferences are held at the end of each of the first two marking periods. Inquiries from parents as to their son's progress are always welcome by members of the faculty.
Bergen Catholic High School is a private, four year (9-12) college preparatory school that delivers a traditional, value-centered Catholic education in a 21st Century learning environment and utilizes technology the better to prepare students to lead in life and service to others. Bergen Catholic educates the whole person - mind, body and spirit - by deepening religious faith, developing academic excellence, and strengthening social consciousness and responsibility in young men.

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