2018-2019 Roster

Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Jacob Cardenas Dylan Cedeno Nathaniel Camiscioli Alex Almeyda
Christopher Foca Robert Howard Patrick Colicchio Michael Borelli
Patrick Gray Nicholas Kayal Luke DiGiovanni Joseph Cangro
Richard Halal Gabriel Mendez Nick Fuccilli John Fiore
Mike Hicks Teo Powell Andrew Makar Ian Keeley
John High Michael Siciliano Ajraf Mannan Ethan Lang
William Kupferschmid Alex Strashinsky Thomas McGahan Dominick "DJ" Licini
Francesca Palmiotti Joseph Zargo Jack Patti  
Thomas Toscano   Adrian Pietri
Wade Unger Tye Santillo
Connor Verzosa

Bergen Catholic High School is a private, four year (9-12) college preparatory school that delivers a traditional, value-centered Catholic education in a 21st Century learning environment and utilizes technology the better to prepare students to lead in life and service to others. Bergen Catholic educates the whole person - mind, body and spirit - by deepening religious faith, developing academic excellence, and strengthening social consciousness and responsibility in young men.

Bergen Catholic

High School

Founded and staffed by the
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers
1040 Oradell Avenue
Oradell, NJ 07649
Tel: 201.261.1844

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