Black History Month

Bergen Catholic is honoring Black History Month this year by incorporating discussions and lessons in all academic areas.

Short biographies of notable African Americans will be highlighted each morning on BCTV. Teachers will engage their students with lessons and activities on African American contributions in their subject areas. Discussions on anti-racisim will underscore how we are all impacted by hate and how we should respond to injustice with being God’s children.  Students will learn and discuss how to act in solidarity for a common cause to end racism.

Below are the Black History Month videos being showcased throughout the month. More information and highlights of classroom activities will be posted as they occur.

February 1:

Carter G. Woodson

February 2:

Ida B. Wells

February 3:

Booker T. Washington

February 4:

Mae C. Jemison

February 5:

Langston Hughes

February 6:

Oprah Winfrey

February 7:

Nelson Mandela

February 8:

Condoleezza Rice

February 9:

Sidney Poitier

February 10:

Lorraine Hansberry

February 11:

Dr. Dre

February 12:

Dorothy Dandridge

February 13:

Thurgood Marshall

February 14:

Harriet Tubman

February 15:

Barack Obama

February 16:

Louis Armstrong

February 17:

Michael Jordan

February 18:

Aretha Franklin

February 19:

Stevie Wonder

February 20:

Sister Thea Bowman

February 21:

Saint Martin de Porres

February 22:

Sean Combs

February 23:

Shirley Chisolm

February 24:

Jackie Robinson

February 25:

Rosa Parks

February 26:

John Lewis

February 27:

Wynton Marsalis

February 28:

Amanda Gorman