NJSIAA Announces Area Championship Plan

August 27, 2020 – Robbinsville, NJ – Today, the NJSIAA announced its plan to provide for Area Championships to conclude the 2020 football season.  While not pursuing traditional Sectional, Group or Bowl Titles, Area Championships will be our new normal.

The results of the six-game (maximum) schedule, and decisions of the seeding committees determine each tournament’s seeding.  The season begins play on October 2nd and concludes on November 7th.  The committees meet to seed each area on Sunday, November 8th.  First-round games take place the weekend of November 13 and Championship games are on the weekend of November 20.

Classifications will be based upon 2019-2020, but it is subject to change.  The number of entries received and the geographic locations of those entries factor into the decision-making.  The NJSIAA will employ a regional east/west approach.  It considers geography, county, conference as well as the combining of groups to determine area playoff brackets.  Committees seed teams #1 through #4 with the highest seeds earning home-field advantage.