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Members of the Executive Committee Include:
HEAD COACH:  Joe Haemmerle (Jack '21, Matthew '15)
PRESIDENT:  Dan Kelly (DJ '19)
VICE PRESIDENT:  Tom McGee (Thomas '19, Quin '21, Patrick '17, Michael '14)
TREASURER: Beth Sheehan (Louden '20
INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR:  Elise Gibson (Sean '18, Lance '14)
SPIRIT WEAR:  Maggie Neary (PJ '18)
Pam Talarico  (Travis '18, George '21, Christian '08, Guy '10, Alex '15)
Tom McGee (Thomas '19, Michael '14, Quin '21)

Other Committee Chairs:
October - December (Monday Afternoons) - Soft Lacrosse in the City - Coach Haemmerle
November 24 - Alumni Run
January 5 - Alumni Reunion @ Bacari Grill - Pam Talarico (Travis '18, Christian '08, Guy '10, Alex '15, George '21)
February 11 - Applebeees Pancake Breakfast - 
March 10 - Reverse Raffle - 
March 27 - Pasta Dinner - 
Season Tailgate Committee - 
April 29 - Senior Day - Co-Chair, Pam Talarico (Travis '18, Christian '08, Guy '10, Alex '15, George '21);  
May 20 - Elite 8 - 15th Reunion
Concessions Chair - 
June 10 - Lacrosse Banquet
June 13 - Jersey Strong Showcase (Madison, NJ)
July 6-8 - National High School Lacrosse Showcase (Maryland)
July 20-22 - Notre Dame Tournament

F A Q for parents/guardians of freshman lacrosse players.
What is the cost?
$775 is the annual fee to play.  The fee covers all of the other costs associated with the season.  Players will provide shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth guard, cups and cleats.

Where do they practice?
-Freshman can have practice/games on the turf field on the campus of Bergen Catholic. 
-They will frequently have practice at the grass field affectionately known as the ‘Field of Dreams’. 
-They may also get together at an indoor facility, ‘New Jersey Home Field Advantage’ in Ramsey, NJ.

What and where in the world is the ‘Field of Dreams? 
Great question, the ‘Field of Dreams’ is located behind the Church of the Nazarene, 285 E. Midland Avenue, Paramus, NJ.  Head down Forrest Ave and make a left onto Midland (that’s the corner that the KFC is on)…don’t go too much further…and make a left into the parking lot. It is a place where dreams are built.

And what about ‘New Jersey Home Field Advantage’?
NJHFA is a premier indoor multi-sports facility run by Coach Weingarten.  NJHFA is located at 50 Spring Street in Ramsey, NJ. (located in the Wayne Tile Building).  NJHFA is a great resource for sharpening the boys lacrosse skills and can come in handy when the weather turns really bad.

Is there anything I should know about lacrosse outside of the regular spring season?
Yes, you should get familiar with Central Bergen Lacrosse programs (CBL).  These programs support out of season lacrosse for the BC community.  NJSIAA rules prohibit schools from running programs out of season.  CBL is an independent lacrosse club.
What is the ‘Saingas Center’ and why do upperclassmen tell my son that he should “hit the Saingas”?
The Nicholas G. Saingas Training Center contains a weight room and a wrestling room.  Upperclassman are encouraging your sons to attend the training sessions run by Coach Rich Robinson. These sessions are lacrosse specific and an incredibly important step in making your son a stronger competitor. 

I’ve heard people say the goal is to win the TOC, what does that mean?
The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association Tournament of Champions is the sports tournament for New Jersey high schools that determines which high school will be crowned as the #1 overall team in the state for each sport. It takes the state champions from each group  and matches them up against one another, regardless of school size or enrollment status (public or private), to determine the top overall team in New Jersey…..winning this is the goal!!!
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