Crusaders Scorch Dutchtown (GA) in Florida Hoops Event

December 28 – Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Once again a red-hot Doug Edert tore it up, hitting 8 three-pointers on his way to 24 points for the BC. The Crusaders built a 23-14 lead after one and Raejon Figures (12 points) and Matt Zona (11 points) helped to extend the lead by 8 at the half, 49-32. Zach Freemantle hit 7 field goals and 7 free throws on his way to 21 points and BC led 76-52 after 3. Armani Cruz (7 points), Jahseim Davis (4), Jayson Earle (3), Kobe Jerome (2), Jason Larranga (7), Justin Regis 3 and Will Richardson (8) helped to extend BC’s season high offensive output of 102.