BC Football Schedule Updates

November 6 – Oradell, NJ – Since noon, BC has been a wild place to be.  Dealing with Covid-19 challenges the best and it seems while hit after hit keeps coming, staying agile is helping Associate Athletic Director, Mr. McGovern and Coach Campanile create the best hopes for a strong end to the Crusader Football Season.

A disappointing phone call came from Jersey City, informing BC that there was a Covid issue among the Marauder football team and tomorrow’s meeting of the #1 and #2 teams was not possible.  This meant a second straight week without an opponent for BC.

But after some smart moves, the program created an opportunity to play the Don Bosco Football Game, next Saturday, November 14, rather than on Thanksgiving.  BC will still travel to Delbarton School on November 21, but then will conclude its season with St. Peter’s Prep on Saturday, November 28.

All of this will require a day-by-day preparation mentality and great mental and emotional toughness, but if anyone is up for it, our Crusaders are!