The first three years of study provides a thorough and rigorous academic experience in English, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies and World Languages. Additionally, students take Art courses during their freshman and sophomore years, a Health course during their sophomore year and Physical Education courses each school year.  The Computer Science curriculum during the first three years of study, includes aspects of Computer Applications, Robotics, Engineering and Coding. The Religious Studies curriculum is provided to students over their four-year careers at Bergen Catholic and affords each young man the opportunity to seek and understand his faith through classroom studies, liturgies, prayer and day-to-day interactions with faculty and students.  During the senior year, students are provided with advanced level courses in each discipline and are also provided the opportunity to engage in a variety of semester-long elective courses.  Additionally, Bergen Catholic offers 20 AP courses, which students can take as early as the sophomore year.

To keep parents informed of the academic progress of their sons, parents may check Blackboard for their child’s up-to-date grades.  Progress Reports (grades at the mid-point of a quarter) are provided four times a year and Report Cards are also delivered four times – at the conclusion of each quarter.  Mid-term examinations occur at the end of the first semester and final examinations take place at the conclusion of the second semester. A Parent/Teacher Conference is held once in the first semester as well as once in the second semester. However, inquiries from parents, as to their son’s progress, are always welcomed by members of the faculty.


The goal of the program of studies is to educate the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. The college preparatory curriculum is designed to prepare the young man for future academic pursuits in a way that will promote self-confidence, individual responsibility, and moral integrity.