DRIVER EDUCATION PROGRAM (for NJ residents only)

Bergen Catholic High School’s Driver Education Program is available to students who are New Jersey residents and who have reached their 15th birthday.  The total fee for the program is $125 which includes classroom instruction and written test.

The Theory portion of the Driver Education Program, which is thirty hours, is given during the fall and spring semesters of your son’s sophomore year during the Activity Period. Bergen Catholic High School does not offer the road hours portion of the course. This course is not offered to the members of the freshman class. Listed below are some important, tentative dates for the course.

The class is scheduled to start on 09/28, this will allow the students to go through one full 7-day cycle of classes. The end date is the day the students will be taking the written exam. There will be a make-up/retake day for students who either do not pass or cannot make the original test date. All students must be present in school for the exam. Finally, the “Add/Drop Day” is the final day that the students are able to either enroll/un-enroll from Driver’s Ed. Students who un-enroll after 10/14 will not be issued a refund.

Tentative Start Date: Tuesday, 01/24/23
Tentative End/Test Date: Thursday, 05/11/23
Add/Drop Day: Thursday, 02/02/23 


Payment:  A payment of $125.00 is required to secure a roster spot in the class. That payment can be made through Bergen Catholic’s PayPal account labeled “Driver’s Education”. Roster spots will initially be offered to the members of the junior class, followed by the sophomores.


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