Guidance Department

Mr. Eric Crawford

Chair of the Guidance Department

Ms. Cathy Corrado


Mrs. Whitney Niles

Guidance Counselor

Alexis Kass

Guidance Counselor

Mission And Goals Of The Department

The Guidance Department is fully and actively committed to the mission of the school. Our role is to assist each student and, by extension, each family in meeting the spiritual, academic, social growth, and developmental goals of each young man in living the mission to the best of his ability.


The counselors set up regular meetings with students by appointment. Academic advisement, social, and individual concerns are the main subjects of these appointments. For freshmen, adjustment to high school life is a very important aspect of counseling.

Parents are encouraged to check Blackboard for daily updates on academic progress.

As Bergen Catholic is a college preparatory high school, we begin college counseling and related services during freshman year. For more information, please contact the Crusader College Counseling Office.

Academic Support

Peer Tutoring
Peer tutoring is available for Spanish and Math through the Spanish Honor Society and Math Honor Society. Click the link below to fill out the google form. Once you submit your request form, a teacher will email you to confirm your request and assign you to a peer tutor.
Math Honor Society Peer Tutor Request:
Math Tutor Request Form
Fill out this form to request a peer tutor to help you with your math homework, prepare for a quiz/test or to just go over the class notes with you one more time. Each session will be a minimum of 30 minutes long and could last a full hour if both parties are able to stay that long.

To guarantee a tutoring session, you MUST fill out this form at least the night before the session you want. For example, if you want to be tutored on Wednesday after school, you must fill out this form by Tuesday night.

Once filled out, you will be matched with a Mu Alpha Theta Tutor. Please check your email either before the morning show or during homeroom on the day of your session to see who you will be matched with and where you are going for your tutoring.

Spanish Honor Society – Peer Tutor Request:
Spanish Tutor Request Form
Please click this link to complete the google form to request a tutor through the Spanish Honor Society.

Faculty Assistance:

All teachers are available Monday through Thursday from 2-3pm for extra help. Be sure to meet with your teachers if you are having a hard time with the class, not understanding the lesson, or need to review before a test or quiz. They are here to help you!

Teacher Contact Information can be found on the Administrators/Staff Directory Page.


Mr. Eric Crawford
Guidance Counselor/Department Chair
201-261-1844 ext. 135

Ms. Cathy Corrado
201-261-1844 ext. 140

Mrs. Whitney Niles
Guidance Counselor
201-261-1844 ext. 137

Ms. Alexis Kass
Guidance Counselor
201-261-1844 ext. 147


Freshman Class: 2027
A-G: Mrs. Niles
H-O: Mr. Crawford
P-Z: Ms. Kass

Sophomore Class: 2026
A-F: Mrs. Niles
G-N: Mr. Crawford
O-Z: Ms. Kass

Junior Class: 2025
A-GIL: Mrs. Niles
GLA-P: Mr. Crawford
Q-Z: Ms. Kass

Senior Class: 2024
A-G: Mrs. Niles
H-M: Mr. Crawford
N-Z: Ms. Kass