Isnardi, Michael

Graduation Year: 1978
Category: Special

Dr. Michael Isnardi graduated from Bergen Catholic in 1978 and then attended MIT; where he spent the next eight years obtaining his Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Media Lab. In September 1986, Michael began his career in television technology at SRI International (formerly RCA Labs and Sarnoff Corporation) in Princeton, NJ- the birthplace of color television. During his career, Michael managed numerous television, imaging and video projects for both commercial and government clients. Key contributions included the development of the DIRECTV system and Sarnoff’s Compliance Bitstreams product, which received a Technical Emmy Award in 1999. Recent work includes conditioning ads for cable TV systems and creating algorithms to detect tampering in images and video. For his contributions to television technology, Dr. Isnardi has received several honors, including the David Sarnoff Award, the Marconi Young Scientist Award, and the Digital Processing Award from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. In 2017, Dr. Isnardi was elevated to Fellow of his professional society, a distinction limited to 0.1% of the membership each year. Dr. Isnardi is currently a Distinguished Computer Scientist in the Center for Vision Technologies at SRI’s Princeton facility. He serves on several committees in his professional society and has given numerous papers and tutorials on digital television at industry events. Michael has published over 25 papers and holds 39 US patents He lives with his wife Catherine and four daughters in Plainsboro, NJ.