Crusader Students Enjoy New England College Bus Tour

ORADELL, NJ, March 25, 2024– The Crusader College Counseling Experience sponsored a college bus tour to New England for Bergen Catholic students interested in attending college in the Northeast. The first stop on the college tour was at Boston College, where BC Crusader alumni Andrew Mosco ‘23, Tim Kelly ‘23 and Aram Minnetian ‘23 helped show the Crusader travel group all around campus as they both currently attend Boston College.

The BC travel party then visited Harvard University, where BC alum Divangel Guerrero ’23 greeted the group and showed them around campus while mentoring the younger students on the college admissions process and told them about his own unique crusade to America’s oldest university. The tour concluded with a visit to Providence College in Rhode Island, one of the most popular schools annually for BC students.