Edmund Rice Medallion Unveiled at Bergen Catholic

ORADELL, NJ, September 8, 2023 – Bergen Catholic High School has a brand-new piece of artwork that will captivate the Crusader community for generations to come. The work of art is entitled, Edmund Rice Medallion, and is located inside the main office entrance to the school, and was created by Bergen Catholic art teacher Nedko Bucev, with assistance from his BC AP art students as well.

The medallion is made of brushed gold Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), the same material used on the current facades of the Manhattan skyscrapers. It was cut with a water laser following a computer-generated line. The background is also ACM fabricated and colored with Bergen Catholic’s scarlet & red colors. The three crosses on the top and bottom of the backdrop, in addition to their air ducting function, represent two arrows pointing to Blessed Edmund Rice. One from the sky, meant to symbolize following Blessed Edmund Rice’s example through our Christian faith, and the lower arrows symbolizing the Earth, and our following Blessed Edmund Rice in our everyday life.

“It is important to mention that this medallion celebrates Edmund Rice and his example of how students pray his name every morning,” said Nedko Bucev. “It should be seen as a visual prayer. For this reason, the medallion vision is ethereal and delicate.”

“The Edmund Rice Medallion shares with our school community the values of the life of Blessed Edmund Rice, the gifts that he’s given to us, and the teachings he has instilled in us. It’s an inspiration for all of us to see this medallion and remember what Blessed Edmund Rice has given, as we share our gifts with others,” said Bergen Catholic President Dr. Brian Mahoney.